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Wills & Estate Planning

Take Control of Protecting your Familys future – One of the key ways you can protect the future of your family is with a properly drafted Will. Unfortunately, according to recent research, nearly two-thirds of people living in the UK will pass away without ever writing one.  The numbers also show that 60% of parents in the country dont have an up to date Will, which is especially concerning because its the only way to specify what will happen to your children in the event the unthinkable happens.


The benefits of estate planning go beyond making plans for worst case scenarios. A well thought out Will provides a way to ensure your affairs are dealt with in the way you want them to be as well as avoiding unnecessary financial burdens being placed on the ones that you love. They can even reduce the inheritance tax liability payable on anything you pass on to the next generation. 


Its never too early, but it’s often too late – There are a number of misconceptions around writing a Will. People tend to think of the process as being too complicated and expensive or simply just put it off because they believe they are too young to worry about it. Contemplating the end of your life is not something anyone really wants to do before they absolutely have to, but if your Will is not in place, youre much more likely to leave behind a needlessly complicated, time-consuming and stressful situation for friends and family.

Why do you Need a Will?

  • To ensure your assets and wealth are shared with the people you want.
  • To ensure your spouse/civil partner will inherit ALL of your Estate.
  • To ensure your unmarried partner has a right of inheritance.
  • To ensure your children under the age of 18 won’t go into care by naming guardians.
  • To ensure there are no delays in the transfer of your assets to your beneficiaries.
  • To ensure your estate goes to the family and friends you want to benefit.
  • To ensure friends, colleagues or charities can benefit.

We make writing a Will, simple, hassle-free and affordable for you. We combine our extensive experience with the latest technology to ensure accuracy and keep costs down because we believe that everyone should have access to a way to protect the future of their family and assets without breaking the bank.

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