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Why Review Your Pensions?

Pensions have changed a lot in recent years and still far too few people review their situation and the options available to them. Do not be one of them.


A pension review with Periscope Wealth is free (apart from some of your time) and carries no obligation. If we can improve your pension and you agree to follow our advice only then will you be charged a fee, AND,  if your pension is performing well then we will tell you and leave things as they are. So, what do you have to lose?

The 4 main reasons to review your pension are:


If you have multiple pensions it may be advantageous to put them all into one pension.

We will review all of your pensions for you.



Is your pension performing as well as it could be?

Small differences in performance can make a big difference in your overall pension fund.



How much is your pension costing you?

Every pension has different management fees attached to it. We will check to see if you are paying too much.



Can you leave your pension to your loved ones? Not all pensions allow you to pass on your pension funds to who you want.

Other ways we can help You Manage:

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