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Income Protection

Income Protection Insurance provides a monthly income in the event of you being unable to work due to unemployment, sickness or injury right up to the point you can go back to work or retire.  You can set a deferred period at the start. This is the amount of time after you stop working before the benefit starts. The longer the time you can do this for then the cheaper the premium will be for example you may arrange to start paying once your employer benefits have ceased.


It is unusual for an employer to offer financial support beyond a year. At this point if you have no income protection in place then you would have to rely on your own cash or benefits to see you through. I expect this could be a considerable drop in income and could result in difficulty paying a mortgage and other financial responsibilities you have.

Be aware that having a significant change in your health may not only prevent you from working, it could also increase your costs for example you may not be able to drive.

How Income Protection Works

There are two types of Income Protection. Long Term which give you a regular tax free income until you return to work or retire and Short Term which typically will pay out for up to twelve months.


Benefits are paid out monthly and can cover a percentage of your salary (normally up to 70%) which should allow you to cover regular bills such as your utility bills, credit cards and mortgage and loans you may have.

Things to note

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