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How to find lost pensions

Gone are the days when spending an entire career with a single employer is the norm. It just doesnt really happen anymore. 


Given the average person has typically worked for several employers and moved house on a number of occasions by the time they come to retire, its very easy to lose track of old pensions.


Its thought that there could be billions of pounds laying unclaimed in both personal and workplace pension schemes. Is any of this lost pension money yours?


Fortunately, theres an easy place to start if youre looking to locate lost pensions. We are happy to help try and locate any schemes you have or you could contact the free tracing service thats run by the Government (find pension contact details – It has details of over 200,000 pension schemes that you can search to help locate your lost pension.

What you need to know

Before trying to locate an old pension scheme, it will help if you have as much information to hand as possible.

For an old workplace pension it’s useful to know:

  • Which company or companies did you work for?
  • Have they changed names/address since you worked there?
  • When did you work there?
  • When did you start contributing to the scheme and when did you finish?

For an old personal pension it's Useful To Know:

  • The name of the pension provider
  • The address of the pension provider (if you have it)
  • The Bank, Building Society or Insurance Company that originally provided the pension.
  • Of course, if you have any old paperwork this will prove very helpful in tracing your lost pension too.

How to keep track of your pension:

  • Keep details of all your pensions in one place.
  • Let your pension provider know if you change address.
  • If you move address and stay with the same employer (maybe to a different part of the country) make sure you also tell your pension department/provider of your new address as it may not be automatically updated.
  • Let your family know where you keep your pension documentation (your pension will form part of your estate).

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