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You’ve worked hard to build and grow your wealth, we are here to make sure you have what you need, when you need it, so you can focus on enjoying the important moments.   Whether that means finding the most efficient way to draw down your income or ensuring that you have reserves set aside for your loved ones, we’ll work with you to define and achieve your goals.

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Equity Release

Equity release is a method to release a tax-free lump sum, or additional income, from your property. The value of your home, minus any outstanding mortgage, can be described as your ‘equity’. In order to qualify for an equity release scheme, you must be a homeowner over the age of 55, or if the property is jointly owned then both parties must be over 55.

An equity-release plan is a way of accessing extra cash without having to move home. With nearly all equity release plans there are no repayments to make and with the most popular form of equity release, a lifetime mortgage, you continue to own all of your home. Plans all come with a ‘no-negative equity guarantee’ which means you can never owe more than your home is worth, and some plans include an option to guarantee an inheritance.

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Pension Drawdown

Pension drawdown is a way moving funds out of your pension to provide a regular income once you’ve retired. This can be done all at once or in stages, dependent on your requirements, but it’s important to understand the costs and benefits associated with the decision you make. One of the key attractions of drawdown is the potential for income to continue growing. But there’s no guarantee. Because investments carry risk, you could get back less than you invest. Your goals and plans for taking income will have an impact on what investments you choose.

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